About Me

Hello, my name is Andrew Newton and I'm a realist artist from Hampshire, UK. I specialise in oil and acrylic painting and I explore the combination of abstract expressionism with a sharp realism painting technique.

I am interested in tackling themes around politics, consumerism and the modern image of society through social media using photographic source material.

My work exudes an raw intimate quality which is an integral part of my practice. This reflects my personal commentary on the world around me and the satire on the modern derived image of humanity itself. This can be depicted through people, animals or products of the modern age.

I use brash pungent colours for my expressionistic abstract forms and random powerful swatches. This combined with gritty realistic skin tones does make for an interesting impression, and thus a dichotomy of structure to complete spontaneous chaos, which can be seen as raw sensation vs. ordered sensation.
I also use geometric shapes and structured jagged abstract forms in my paintings which segregate the flow purposefully to disrupt the peace of the image creating an enhanced juxtaposition of consciousness.  
My work is purely existentialist, as I believe that the paintings emit the nature of myself and my own experience rather than a mere depiction of the outside world.